Catherine Lee

Selected Publications


Family Reunification and the Limits of Immigration Reform: Impact and Legacy of the 1965 Immigration Act
2015, Sociological Forum 30, S1

Fictive Kinship
2013, Russell Sage Foundation Publishing

Where the Danger Lies: Race, Gender, and Chinese and Japanese Exclusion in the United States, 1870–1924 [PDF]
2010, Sociological Forum 25, 2

Health and Medicine

Producing Knowledge about Racial Differences: Tracing Scientists' Use of "Race" and "Ethnicity" from Grants to Articles [PDF]
2013, Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Genetics and the Unsettled Past
2012, Rutgers University Press

Race Categorization and the Regulation of Business and Science [PDF]
2010, Law & Society Review

"Race" and "Ethnicity" in Biomedical Research: How Do Scientists Construct and Explain Differences in Health? [PDF]
2009, Social Science & Medicine

Criminal Justice

The Value of Life in Death: Multiple Regression and Event History Analyses of Homicide Clearance in Los Angeles County [PDF]
2005, Journal of Criminal Justice 33

Hispanics and the Death Penalty: Discriminatory Charging Practices in San Joaquin County, California [PDF]
2007, Journal of Criminal Justice 35